Nagbacalan strictly follows Php. 50 cleaning fine

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Barangay Treasurer Nenita Bacud stricly monitors fellow residents who clean since disobeying such will cause one to pay a 60 pesos fine.

Barangay No. 22 Nagbalacan’s captain, Teresita Bacud in collaboration with the Pasaranay Youth Guild and other barangay officers agreed upon and imposed a Php. 50.00 fine for residents who don’t clean their designated areas which took effect yesterday, February 12, 2017.

The whole barangay is mandated to clean their respective areas every Sundays but according to Brgy. Captain Teresita Bacud, some of the residents still aren’t motivated to do their duty and service to the community and the environment. “The reason why we imposed this raise in the fine is to observe cleanliness in our barangay and to promote responsibility among fellow residents to do their obligation. A lot of people might have disagreed with it, but we still pushed through since majority voted for it during our meeting last Wednesday (February 8, 2017). We collaborated with the Pasaranay Youth Guild who created stickers which were posted in various walls and posts as a prior announcement.”

Furthermore, Bacud ensures that not a single resident could escape or bribe their way to neglect their service of rendering their time in cleaning as she appointed the Barangay’s Treasurer Nenita Bacud who monitors and keeps a record of names of those who renders cleaning service every Sunday. “I am in charge of collecting fines of violators and I also take charge in acquiring the signatures of residents in the logbook as well as verifying them if they really did clean.”

Yesterday’s clean-up included the each of the barangay’s basketball courts. A lot of the residents claimed that it was helpful and a strategic way in ensuring the cleanliness of the barangay as well as improving the resident’s participation. With the new 50 pesos fine, the Barangay Captain was satisfied with the resident’s participation in cleaning the community yesterday.//




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