CAS Student Council recognizes Academic Scholars

By: Brett Andrew Rikke P. Bungcayao

College Scholars were awarded by the Guest of Honor and Speaker: Mr. Jun Arvin Gudoy, CAS SC President: Ryan Roi Domingo, CAS SC Adviser: Mr. Mark Lawrence Fernandez, CAS Student Affairs Coordinator: Ms. Maria Deleilah F. Adriatico and Student Services and Development Director: Professor Henedine A. Aguinaldo

Academic scholars and the most outstanding students of the six degree programs from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) were awarded during the CAS Awards held at the Teatro Ilocandia last February 27.

                24 university scholars and 64 college scholars were recognized as they were awarded with certificates and medals (blue or red) respectively. It is the first time that academic scholars were recognized in the history of CAS Awards.

                Among the 24 university scholars awarded, six are from the BA-Communication (BA-COMM) program as well as the BS-Biology. Nine students from the AB English Language (ABEL), three from the BS Mathematics and four from the BA-Sociology complete the roster. Among the awardees was Aira Cassandra S. Castro, A fourth year from the BS Biology course with a general weighted average of 1.07. She was also awarded as the most outstanding BS Biology student.

                The other students who made it to the list of the most outstanding students include: Alpha Shiela Aguedan (BA-COMM), Danielle Jude Angelo Pasamonte (BA Sociology), Emerald May Madalipay (BS Mathematics), Louie John David Gutierez (BS-Computer Science) and Ryan Roi Domingo (ABEL) who’s also the Student Council (SC) President of the college were also awarded with trophies.


                Aside from awarding academic scholars and outstanding students, the CAS Student Council also launched the first ever C4CC (CAS For The Community Cause) wherein the different academic organizations presented proposals that tackled societal issues as well as encouraging development and change. The Biological Circle and the Philippine League of Sociology Students (PLSS) were qualified for the final round during the pre-finals last February 24. After the finals, PLSS won as the first ever C4CC victor.

THE C4CC winners: The Philippine League of Sociology Students delivering their presentation during the final round.

                Ryan Roi Domingo, the SC President said that it was a night full of success. “It’s but right to honor and recognize the excellence of CAS Students especially those who have shown an exemplary performance in their academics as well as those who’ve carried the name of the college with pride in the different contested activities outside the university as well as the national arena. Tonight was a success since we celebrated the success of CAS.”

Credits: Photos were taken from Janna Mae Bumanglag (First Photo, Uppermost) & Mr. Mark Lawrence Fernandez (Second Photo, C4CC)




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