Y2C celebrates the power of journalism and filmmaking

By: Brett Andrew Rikke P. Bungcayao


Y2C Adviser Ms. Irene Abegail S. Guerrero and President Legazpi Dela Cruz together with Prof. Luvee Hazel Aquio awards certificate of appreciation to Mr. Nestor Corales, one of the guest speakers of the Congress.

The Young Communicators Circle (Y2C) of Mariano Marcos State University successfully conducts its 3rd YOUng COMmunicative human in Development (YouComMand) Congress at the Teatro Ilocandia last March 1 with the theme: I Share, I Connect, We Improve: Strengthening Connections.”

     The two-day congress started with an inspirational message from the organization’s adviser Ms. Irene Abegail S. Guerrero. In her address, she gives a portmanteau of words that defines the true role of a communicator such as LIeNg (Lee-aun) wherein the word means that a communicator knows when is the time to listen or speak up and EMPOPO (Emphatic + Maopopo which is “understand” in Hawaiian) meaning a communicator should readily put himself or herself in the shoes of another person so that communication will take place.

      The first guest speaker of the day, Nestor Corales who writes for Philippine Daily Inquirer talks about the necessary qualities a journalist must possess in order to become relevant and effective. In his speech he talks about the cutthroat nature in the media world and gives three rules whenever journalists commit errors: be whole enough to accept your mistakes, correct your mistakes and learn from it. Furthermore he also points out in his lecture that emotions should be injected in making news stories.

Nestor Corales

Nestor Corales gives his insights and ideas in the point of view of someone who experienced how it feels to be in the media industry.

     In an interview, Corales shares pieces of advice to aspiring journalists, “You must really love what you do. It’s true about what they say, that if every single day that if you love the thing that you do, you really won’t feel like working a day in your life. It’s fun to actually make a living out of your profession and that you’re happy with it. Undeniably corruption in the media exists in every institution. I also would like to tell aspiring journalists to read, read, and read.”

  In the afternoon, the organization’s CAS For The Community Cause (C4CC) representatives Patrick John Quitoriano, Justine Paula Agustin, Vincent Cyril Sipin, Love Joyce Umbay and Karla Auria Galeon presented their performance during the Pre-Finals round of the first-ever C4CC initiated by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Student Council. The performance highlighted the proposal of eco-bricks as a powerful tool in constructing classrooms and lessening the plastics that are harmful to the environment.


CAS For the Community Cause (C4CC) representatives Patrick John Quitoriano, Justine Paula Agustin, Vincent Cyril Sipin, Love Joyce Umbay and Karla Auria Galeon presenting their C4CC performance.

     Finally, the day concluded with a talk spearheaded by Jeff Bumanglag from the Lucas Films Philippines wherein his lecture shared different cinematography techniques as well as the art of filmmaking. After his speech he challenged the participants to create a one-minute film to be passed within a span of minutes. Everyone teamed up with their respective year levels and started to conceptualize their own films.

The third year BA-Communication students excitedly share their concepts to execute their one-minute films successfully. 

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