Y2C, Cinemalaya advocates for environmental protection with “Lakbay 2 Love”

By: Brett Andrew Rikke P. Bungcayao

The Young Communicators’ Circle (Y2C) together with the different students from different colleges showing their love for the environment as Cinemalaya Director Ellen Ongkeko Marfil showcases her indie-movie, “Lakbay 2 Love.”

     The Young Communicators Circle (Y2C) of Mariano Marcos State University in collaboration with Cinemalaya inspires participants to protect the environment and advocate in fighting against climate change through the movie “Lakbay 2 Love” which was launched at the Teatro Ilocandia last March 2 during the second day of the YouCoMmand Congress.

     ‘Lakbay 2 Love” is the very first bike indie film aired in the Philippines and it’s produced by Erasto Films and Cinemalaya. The movie is top billed by GMA stars, Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico. The film is directed by Ellen Ongkeko Marfil and it was originally released last January 29.

Lakbay 2 Love is the first ever bike indie film in the Philippines starring Solenn Heussaff, Dennis Trillo and Kit Thompson.

     The cum-laude film graduate from the University of the Philippines and former mainstream director shared to the participants her accomplishments, her experiences doing the movie as well as encouraging aspiring filmmakers to never give up on their dreams. In her speech, she confesses that tit took her 7 months to shoot the movie, “Solenn (Heussaff) actually had a lighter schedule, and I got to spend more time with her, it was Dennis (Trillo) who had a tight schedule. Within the 7 months, I only had 16 shooting days.”

     Karen Kay Salutan a member of the staff and production of the movie also gave a lecture tackling the history of Philippine Cinema. The Film graduate gives emphasis to the growth of technology and how it molded the indie filmmaking industry. “With the presence of DSLRs and numerous editing softwares, it is easier to make indie films because of digitalization,” she says in her lecture.

     The highlight of the event was the film viewing, wherein “Lakbay 2 Love’s” relatability and portrayal of natural circumstances in life and love earned the audiences’ positive reception towards the movie.

Y2C Adviser Ms. Irene Abegail S. Guerrero and President Legazpi Dela Cruz gives certificates of recognition and tokens of appreciation to the guest speakers, Karen Salutan and Director Ellen Ongkeko Marfil

     In an interview, Marfil clarifies the ending of her film wherein Solenn was didn’t end up with Dennis’ character or Kit (Thompson’s) character, “When you’re brokenhearted, you don’t immediately go to this guy or that guy. You need a time to heal and one way, instead of locking yourself up inside your room is going back out there and returning to nature and you realize that it has a healing capacity.” Furthermore, Marfil advices future filmmakers to find their own person, “do your own thing, money won’t be a problem. You can always find ways to make short films and engage with the world and don’t just stick with your laptops and cellphones. Those who has the information and knows how to communicate will rule the world.”

     The film was viewed by 947 participants comprising of student from MMSU, Holy Spirit Academy and Northwester University.




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