Lascañas faces perjury amongst consecutive contradicting statements

     “Whoever wins in court establishes the truth,” in the case of former SPO3 Arthur Lascañas, he might obtain or forfeit the truth with his ever-changing statements regarding the alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS) and President Rodrigo Duterte’s involvement with it.

Main Photo
Retired policeman SPO3 Arthur Lascañas. Obtained from: Joseph Vidal (ABS-CBN NEWS)

     MANILA, Philippines- The Senate has decided to end its probe into Arthur Lascañas’ statements against President Rodrigo Duterte after one hearing last March 6, in the suburban Pasay City.


     The Senate public order committee chair Panfilo Lacson declares that Lascañas retracted statements have no “probative” value. (Read:, the hearing was adjourned because it came from Lascañas that he would doubt his declarations if he were in the senator’s position. “It was Senator Manny Pacquiao who delivered the coup de grâce (final blow). The most revealing part for me was to hear it coming from him. That if he were in our position, he himself would doubt his actions. So we adjourned it. We could not get any further point to pursue” Lacson said.

     The investigation is now left with the authority of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) regarding the information presented during the Senate hearing. In line with this, Lacson together with the Senate committee plans to establish a law that would heighten the consequence for those who’d perpetuate untruthfulness during congressional inquiries.

Secondary Photo- 20170220-lascanas-senate-nppa-3
Retired SPO3 Arthur Lacañas answers questions during a press conference regarding President Duterte’s alleged involvement in the Davao Death Squad. Obtained from Voltaire Domingo (ABS-CBN News)

PROFILE                                                                                                                                                 Name: Arturo Baririquit Lascañas
Birthdate: December 16, 1960
Age: 56
Date of retirement from service: December 16, 2016
Hometown: Davao City

(Information from ABS-CBN


     In a hearing conducted between September and October last year, Matobato also testified that Lacañas was the right hand of the former Mayor. Matobato claims that Lacañas was also responsible for a mosque bombing, the killings of Jun Barsabal, Salik Makdum, a dance-instructor of Jocelyn Duterte and the abduction of House Speaker Prospero Nograles.

SPO3 Arthur Lascanas refuted Matobato’s statements during a Senate hearing. Obtained from Aaron Favila (Philippine Star).

     In a separate press conference held February 20, Lacañas claimed that he was part of the DDS and he was involved in several killings under the instructions of former Davao Mayor, Rody Duterte. His other involvements include the death of suspected drug lord Allan Tancho, the bombing of a certain mosque in Davao, the murder of a certain Mr. Patasaja and his family, and the ambush of broadcaster Jun Pala DDS hitman was also involved in the Extra-Judicial Killings (EJK) in Davao. who was considered to be Duterte’s greatest critic. Lacañas also mentioned that Edgar Matobato, a whistleblower and a self-confessed

   Contradicting his latest statements was his revelations prior to the said press conference. Lacañas asserts to Senator Leila De Lima during a senate hearing (Read: – the Davao Death Squad was only a term coined by the media and everything was just hype by the media.


         Hailed as evidence, the Philippine Center of Investigative Journalism obtained a diary in the ownership of Arthur Lacañas stating how criminals and opponents of former Mayor Duterte were killed.

   The diary   (Read: is contains hand-written entries in a yellow-pad paper. A page from the diary reveals that Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential candidacy is a divine trap. “It would lead him to his political waterloo. Win or lose, sooner or later, he would become the most hated political figure in Philippine history” Lacañas wrote.

Entries of the diary owned by Lacañas and is obtained by the PCIJ (Philippine Center of Investigative Journalism) retrieved via Philippine Star

     Senator Panfilo Lacson commends that filing a perjury case against Lacañas is fitting since he lied to the Senate during his previous and recent hearings.

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