Virtual Sentiments: A Review On The Raissa Robles Blog

By: Brett Andrew Rikke P. Bungcayao


     Blogging. It’s a profession, a business and it can be lucrative since it would require you online presence. Enter media. Tools that are basically meant to transmit information from the sender to the receiver. First it was conceived as a means to communicate a message from a source to a large number of people, hence mass media, and now to a more interactive model, the focus has moved from one-to-many to one-too-many. Now everything has something to say. On Twitter and on blogs. Everyone has a publishable opinion virtually projected in various platforms. While the virtual realm of blogging is fed with various fields like fashion, food and travel – opinion-blogging still matters and remains to become relevant.  One of these controversial blogs is being updated by a seasoned journalist, Raissa Robles.

  Raissa Robles is the author of the blog under her name with the tagline: Inside Philippine Politics and Beyond. She is married to Alan Robles, another famous journalist who own the HOTMANILA. Both of them are opinion bloggers bravely making their blogs as an avenue to air their innermost sentiments towards current happenings in government systems as well as political issues. Most of the topics you’d find is their criticism towards the Marcos government and don’t be surprised if you’d notice that there are excessive articles about President Rodrigo Duterte – eventually they are against the EJK (Extra-Judicial Killings). As journalists, they might come off too strong and tactless – but in the perspective of opinion-blogging- what they’re doing might be ethical.

      There is evident clarity, coherence and fluency in the use of the English language throughout their blog posts. Given that their journalists, they already have a background on the usage of correct grammar, syntax and sentence structures. In fact, they use really deep English words! (Check out this link: – She shares her sentiments about authoritarianism evident on President Duterte.)

     Name-calling is very much observed as she calls our current President, Rodrigoon and his supporters as Dutertards. In fact it doesn’t only exists in blogs, but it also extends in social media as she actively shares her blog posts and quotes it accusingly. As for mudslinging, there are tons of accusations that have damaged the reputation of President Rodrigo Dutere and the late Ferdinand Marcos. (Check this posts: and ) Information (not all) might be verfied since there are back-up data that supports their claims. There are statistics, archives (of past news reports that really happened) and statements from important sources and prominent government agencies and organizations. As for blog content providers, the blog doesn’t succumb to unscientifc surveys as well, tests and unreliable sources. She uses statistics, fugures and statements from national agenices that are credible.


       In terms of principles, truth-telling might not be present at all times since it is still an opinion blog after all. It has become a tool in providing justice as netizens who have an aptitude towards political issues become intereseted and knowledgable. Contents of this blog are aimed to give justice to certain happenings especially EJK and Martial Law. Freedom is basically practied by the author since there isn’t a resstriced flow of expression and opinions. There’s no specific length per article or there isn’t anything that’s keeping her to speak up. Any issues, she finds an angle and she exposes how she wants it. As journalists in the field of blogging, it is understandable to put people in power accountable, but to destroy reputations and call them names, it is very inhumane. Stewardship as means of being responsible is slightly observed.

     Out of thre ethical commands, there are only two that are religiously observed. The blog definitely aims to seek the truth since all these opinions are aimed to expose, make a noise and persudae people to be courageous enough to know the truth about politics and Philippine governannce. The blog also acts independently since there are no advertisments  also acts independently since there are no advertisments or pop-up ads that could possibly finance the blog. The author is also accountable for things she posts as she gives time to respond to comments. But to minimize harm? Defnietely not, because the Comments section alone is enough proof that while some may take her stand, some refuse and choose to fight back with their own opinions.

Click the link and visit her blog:



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