Citizen Journalism: Verified or Violated?

By: Brett Andrew Rikke P. Bungcayao

     Citizen journalism has been a fruitful product of digitalization since news, knowledge and information has reached not only nation borders but international territories as well. Video-sharing platforms has been a good avenue for citizen journalists and news organizations to produce informative and in-depth content that viewers can appreciate. Ironically, with the continuous progression of citizen journalism, questions like “does reliable fact-checking exist” since news organizations would tend to air their reports real-time do they have an ample time to verify these facts and do they check if videos being contributed are attributed properly and does not violate copyright issues. Although restricted rules still aren’t mandated in citizen journalism, and the only thing that it would require you is your basic knowledge on writing and simple videography skills, wouldn’t it be nice that these contributors (citizen journalists) have enough training, not rigid but sufficient training that would equip them the necessary knowledge that real journalists practice – truth, objectivity and accuracy should always be practiced and known even though you are not journalist by profession. Indeed, citizen journalism is unstoppable and while it offers great interactivity and have accessed numerous information portals, there will always perils along the way.

Photo by: Amazonaws


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